[Grace:AI] – Daydreams Custom software, Ubuntu system, Projectors, Video, Dye sublimation prints on aluminum(20″ x 20″, 48″ x 48″)121.92cm x 121.92cm2021-22 What happens when an AI trained only on the artwork of women artists daydreams? In Daydreams, [Grace:AI]– an Artificial Intelligence trained on the works of global women artists– looks at images of the sky… Continue reading [daydreams]

[Grace:AI] – Origin Story

Videos [Grace:AI] – Origin Story Dye Sublimation on Aluminum20″ x 20″50.8cm x 50.8cm2019 No matter the field, be it economic, political, or artistic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its intersection with the world is overwhelmingly dominated by males. Indeed, in a variety of emerging technology realms — purely technical applications and artistic ones — it is women and people… Continue reading [Grace:AI] – Origin Story


Video [TOPOESIS] Software, computational poems, pen on archival watercolor paper11″ x 15″27.94cm x 38.1cm2019 [TOPOESIS] is a computational poetry work that uses letterforms as material, texture and subject within computationally generated landscapes. The software generates hill and mountain structures with which a poem cycles, gradually replacing the words in the poem with pollutants and other… Continue reading [TOPOESIS]

[the aurora room]

[the aurora room] Large-scale digital print series | Impressions numériques à grande échelle44″ x 32″112 cm x 81cm2019 Based on a personal experience with an active shooter when at University, this large-scale digital print series is derived from a process in which first I create mixed media paintings based on the spatial maps of active… Continue reading [the aurora room]

[the mirror book]

Video [the mirror book] series Custom Books (leather, paper), projection, software, writing | livre sur measure, projection, logiciel, écritureSizes: 44″ x 28″, 9″ x 11″, 28.5″ x 33″, 55″ x 30.89″, variable In [the mirror book], the texts of two poets are combined in a computational collaboration. Nouns, verbs, adjectives slowly move from one author’s poems… Continue reading [the mirror book]

[help me know the truth]

Videos [help me know the truth] Interactive software, 3 tablets, projectordimensions variable2017 [help me know the truth] is a software-based installation that uses computational neuroscience algorithms to ‘reverse correlate’ people’s unconscious biases. Visitors to the work take a selfie, which is processed two different ways with noise algorithms, making two versions of the selfie that… Continue reading [help me know the truth]

[play your place]

Video [play your place] Video game public art platform, software, video documentationdimensions variable2014 [play your place] is a series of ongoing relational artworks in which artists Mary Flanagan and Ruth Catlow, as LOCALPLAY, use drawing and play as a way to catalyze and translate local, imaginative visions of place into games that not only communicate community… Continue reading [play your place]


Video [perfect.city] 2 channel videodimensions variable2009 [perfect.city] is an exploration of the South Korean city of Songdo, a planned international metropolis developed by corporations (Gale International, with a technological infrastructure by technology companies). The city is designed to be perfect: plans call for the elimination of social ills, care-free living, and happiness for all citizens—in… Continue reading [perfect.city]

[from the ranks]

[from the ranks] series, textile, performancedimensions variable2007 I come from a family with a long history of service in the US military, beginning with a great great grandfather who served during the Civil War, my father, brother, uncles– and even my niece, who raised her newborn near the Air Force base where her husband was… Continue reading [from the ranks]


[arborescence] Paper, models, software, computerdimensions variable2006 [arborescence] is an interactive installation using the gradual growth patterns of forests and trees as a metaphorical structure to map time, space and language. Making physical the routine internet actions of searching, tagging and streaming RSS feeds [arborescence] creates a contextual time-scape in which interests grow and change over time.… Continue reading [arborescence]