[help me know the truth]

Videos [help me know the truth] Interactive software, 3 tablets, projectordimensions variable2017 [help me know the truth] is a software-based installation that uses computational neuroscience algorithms to ‘reverse correlate’ people’s unconscious biases. Visitors to the work take a selfie, which is processed two different ways with noise algorithms, making two versions of the selfie that… Continue reading [help me know the truth]


Video [giantJoystick] Wood, steel, paint, electronics, Atari games, projector9′ x 9′3m x 3m [giantJoystick] is a large, functioning game controller and serves as an interface to a shift in embodied experience. [giantJoystick] explores group collaboration in play. A 10 foot tall joystick, modeled after a classic Atari 2600 joystick, is situated in the gallery or in… Continue reading [giantJoystick]