[arborescence] Paper, models, software, computerdimensions variable2006 [arborescence] is an interactive installation using the gradual growth patterns of forests and trees as a metaphorical structure to map time, space and language. Making physical the routine internet actions of searching, tagging and streaming RSS feeds [arborescence] creates a contextual time-scape in which interests grow and change over time.… Continue reading [arborescence]

[ghost city]

[ghost city] Software, computer, performancedimensions variable2006 [ghost city] uses a game-like interface where the participant maneuvers around an aerial map of the district around Bellevue Hospital in New York City. As the participant moves around the map, roving snippets of text, selections from poems written in the neighborhood around Bellevue, slip down streets or pop up… Continue reading [ghost city]


[six.circles] Software, controller, computerdimensions variable2004 [six.circles] is a 2 player conceptual game exploring cooperation and competition through the construction of simple geometic objects. The goal is to be the first to construct a series of 6 circle forms while fending off viruses seeking to infect each piece. Players are obliged to periodically attach infected pieces… Continue reading [six.circles]


Video [domestic] Controller, computer, projection, softwaredimensions variable2003 [domestic] uses a software engine normally used to generate violent first-shooter video games in order to reconstruct a remembered childhood space where a dramatic event has taken place: a house fire. The participant navigates an oddly constructed domestic space that is actually a map encompassing the inside and… Continue reading [domestic]


Video [rootwords] (QuickTime .mov) [rootwords] Computer, software, projectionDimensions variable2002 [rootwords] is a language experimentation environment. Beginning with a simple poem by the maker, the program’s goal is to “grow” a new language from English root words using common prefixes, suffixes, and other components. Users click the root words to grow an organism of variations and… Continue reading [rootwords]


Video [remotion] video (QuickTime .mov) [remotion] Software, computer, webcam2002 [remotion] is a computer application which utilizes a webcam as a translator between the natural landscape and an information technology terrain. Using computer vision technology tied to a wireless, outdoor webcam, the software traces the outlines of rustling tree leaves and waving branches tracing/trailing/ chalking/marking/ blipping… Continue reading [remotion]


Video [search] Software, network, computerdimensions variable2002 When it was proclaimed that the Library contained all books, the first impression was one of extravagant happiness. All men felt themselves to be the masters of an intact and secret treasure… At that time it was also hoped that a clarification of humanity’s basic mysteries […] might be… Continue reading [search]


Video [rootings] video (QuickTime .mov) [rootings] Software, computerdimensions variable2002 [rootings] is a collection of experimental games in which player participants explore experiences of time and memory within a set of game/narratives. The individual components in the work are loosely based around different life episodes that have to do with time-passing, skipping, rewinding, time travel, and memory.… Continue reading [rootings]

[corporate ladder]

[corporate ladder] Projection, software, sensors, computerdimensions variable2000 A physical computing based installation, [corporate ladder] is a changing commentary about alienation in corporate workforces. As participants move closer and close to examine the canned images of women using technology or performing business tasks or positions, the images blur, problematizing the notion of legibility in these roles. How would… Continue reading [corporate ladder]