[Colors of Remembrance]

Videos [Colors of Remembrance] Computational Drawings: Custom software, CDC COVID Data, Projectordimensions variable2020-ongoing This project is a virtual memorial.In this series, I create drawings that act as memorials to those who have tragically lost their lives in the 2020- coronavirus pandemic. Digital drawings begin with the Pantone color of the year for Spring 2020, starting… Continue reading [Colors of Remembrance]


Video [TOPOESIS] Software, computational poems, pen on archival watercolor paper11″ x 15″27.94cm x 38.1cm2019 [TOPOESIS] is a computational poetry work that uses letterforms as material, texture and subject within computationally generated landscapes. The software generates hill and mountain structures with which a poem cycles, gradually replacing the words in the poem with pollutants and other… Continue reading [TOPOESIS]

[help me know the truth]

Videos [help me know the truth] Interactive software, 3 tablets, projectordimensions variable2017 [help me know the truth] is a software-based installation that uses computational neuroscience algorithms to ‘reverse correlate’ people’s unconscious biases. Visitors to the work take a selfie, which is processed two different ways with noise algorithms, making two versions of the selfie that… Continue reading [help me know the truth]

[Sol Lewitt Mashup]

[Sol Lewitt Mashup] Software, videodimensions variable2012 In honor of generative systems and instruction based drawing, this program is a mashup that interprets and enacts Lewitt’s Drawing Series III/2314/ B (1969) and Composite Series (1970) to create a visual computational abstract experience, making the once static geometries produced by the drawing instructions intimate and dynamic through… Continue reading [Sol Lewitt Mashup]

[pile of secrets]

[pile of secrets] Video series, game footage, LCD monitordimensions variable2011 What is a game but a pile of secrets? Flanagan captured several terabytes of video imagery from computer games published from 1980 – present, answering the question, “What makes a game a game?” Common elements –typically formal elements — across video games are assembled into… Continue reading [pile of secrets]


Video A video excerpt from my walk around Aquitaine Castle in France. A video excerpt from my walk around the virtual construction of Chichen Itza, a Mayan archaeological site on the Yucatán Peninsula in contemporary Mexico. Video excerpt from my walk around Villa Almerico-Capra, also known as ‘La Rotonda’, a 16th century manor house and… Continue reading [borders]


Video [perfect.city] 2 channel videodimensions variable2009 [perfect.city] is an exploration of the South Korean city of Songdo, a planned international metropolis developed by corporations (Gale International, with a technological infrastructure by technology companies). The city is designed to be perfect: plans call for the elimination of social ills, care-free living, and happiness for all citizens—in… Continue reading [perfect.city]


Video [ineffable] Computer application, digital mapDimensions variable2005 Email is now so pervasive and so essential to our lives that it’s difficult to remember how we communicated prior to its emergence. The ramifications of the nearly wholesale replacement of our physical voice with a detached written text continues to be felt everywhere email is used, whether… Continue reading [ineffable]


[kaleidoglobe] Projection onto sphere4′ x 4′122cm x 122cm2004 [kaleidoglobe] is a video projection on a large spherical projection surface utilizing images of routine domestic work typically performed by women. The images began as documentation of three generations of women in my family preparing traditional holiday foods like popcorn balls. These images and others were digitally manipulated… Continue reading [kaleidoglobe]


Video [domestic] Controller, computer, projection, softwaredimensions variable2003 [domestic] uses a software engine normally used to generate violent first-shooter video games in order to reconstruct a remembered childhood space where a dramatic event has taken place: a house fire. The participant navigates an oddly constructed domestic space that is actually a map encompassing the inside and… Continue reading [domestic]