[play your place]

Video [play your place] Video game public art platform, software, video documentationdimensions variable2014 [play your place] is a series of ongoing relational artworks in which artists Mary Flanagan and Ruth Catlow, as LOCALPLAY, use drawing and play as a way to catalyze and translate local, imaginative visions of place into games that not only communicate community… Continue reading [play your place]

[mapscotch] – [bombscotch]

[mapscotch] – [bombscotch] ongoing performance seriesdimensions variable2012 Using the old street game of hopscotch as a model in this series, players either design their own versions of a hopscotch or encounter one in the gallery. [mapscotch: bombscotch] asks players to remember instances of US military atrocities.  One instance of the instruction set is [bombscotch], focused on… Continue reading [mapscotch] – [bombscotch]