[the mirror book]

Video [the mirror book] series Custom Books (leather, paper), projection, software, writing | livre sur measure, projection, logiciel, écritureSizes: 44″ x 28″, 9″ x 11″, 28.5″ x 33″, 55″ x 30.89″, variable In [the mirror book], the texts of two poets are combined in a computational collaboration. Nouns, verbs, adjectives slowly move from one author’s poems… Continue reading [the mirror book]


Video [rootwords] (QuickTime .mov) [rootwords] Computer, software, projectionDimensions variable2002 [rootwords] is a language experimentation environment. Beginning with a simple poem by the maker, the program’s goal is to “grow” a new language from English root words using common prefixes, suffixes, and other components. Users click the root words to grow an organism of variations and… Continue reading [rootwords]

[corporate ladder]

[corporate ladder] Projection, software, sensors, computerdimensions variable2000 A physical computing based installation, [corporate ladder] is a changing commentary about alienation in corporate workforces. As participants move closer and close to examine the canned images of women using technology or performing business tasks or positions, the images blur, problematizing the notion of legibility in these roles. How would… Continue reading [corporate ladder]