[Grace:AI] – Daydreams Custom software, Ubuntu system, Projectors, Video, Dye sublimation prints on aluminum(20″ x 20″, 48″ x 48″)121.92cm x 121.92cm2021-22 What happens when an AI trained only on the artwork of women artists daydreams? In Daydreams, [Grace:AI]– an Artificial Intelligence trained on the works of global women artists– looks at images of the sky… Continue reading [daydreams]

[Grace:AI] – Origin Story

Videos [Grace:AI] – Origin Story Dye Sublimation on Aluminum20″ x 20″50.8cm x 50.8cm2019 No matter the field, be it economic, political, or artistic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its intersection with the world is overwhelmingly dominated by males. Indeed, in a variety of emerging technology realms — purely technical applications and artistic ones — it is women and people… Continue reading [Grace:AI] – Origin Story


Video [TOPOESIS] Software, computational poems, pen on archival watercolor paper11″ x 15″27.94cm x 38.1cm2019 [TOPOESIS] is a computational poetry work that uses letterforms as material, texture and subject within computationally generated landscapes. The software generates hill and mountain structures with which a poem cycles, gradually replacing the words in the poem with pollutants and other… Continue reading [TOPOESIS]

[the aurora room]

[the aurora room] Large-scale digital print series | Impressions numériques à grande échelle44″ x 32″112 cm x 81cm2019 Based on a personal experience with an active shooter when at University, this large-scale digital print series is derived from a process in which first I create mixed media paintings based on the spatial maps of active… Continue reading [the aurora room]