[play your place]

Video [play your place] Video game public art platform, software, video documentationdimensions variable2014 [play your place] is a series of ongoing relational artworks in which artists Mary Flanagan and Ruth Catlow, as LOCALPLAY, use drawing and play as a way to catalyze and translate local, imaginative visions of place into games that not only communicate community… Continue reading [play your place]

[mapscotch] – [bombscotch]

[mapscotch] – [bombscotch] ongoing performance seriesdimensions variable2012 Using the old street game of hopscotch as a model in this series, players either design their own versions of a hopscotch or encounter one in the gallery. [mapscotch: bombscotch] asks players to remember instances of US military atrocities.  One instance of the instruction set is [bombscotch], focused on… Continue reading [mapscotch] – [bombscotch]

[pile of secrets]

[pile of secrets] Video series, game footage, LCD monitordimensions variable2011 What is a game but a pile of secrets? Flanagan captured several terabytes of video imagery from computer games published from 1980 – present, answering the question, “What makes a game a game?” Common elements –typically formal elements — across video games are assembled into… Continue reading [pile of secrets]


Video [giantJoystick] Wood, steel, paint, electronics, Atari games, projector9′ x 9′3m x 3m [giantJoystick] is a large, functioning game controller and serves as an interface to a shift in embodied experience. [giantJoystick] explores group collaboration in play. A 10 foot tall joystick, modeled after a classic Atari 2600 joystick, is situated in the gallery or in… Continue reading [giantJoystick]


[six.circles] Software, controller, computerdimensions variable2004 [six.circles] is a 2 player conceptual game exploring cooperation and competition through the construction of simple geometic objects. The goal is to be the first to construct a series of 6 circle forms while fending off viruses seeking to infect each piece. Players are obliged to periodically attach infected pieces… Continue reading [six.circles]


Video [rootings] video (QuickTime .mov) [rootings] Software, computerdimensions variable2002 [rootings] is a collection of experimental games in which player participants explore experiences of time and memory within a set of game/narratives. The individual components in the work are loosely based around different life episodes that have to do with time-passing, skipping, rewinding, time travel, and memory.… Continue reading [rootings]

[career moves]

[career moves] Board game with sound20″ x 30″50.8cm x 76.2cm2000 Career Moves explores the contradictory world of women in corporate America througan interactive, computer controlled board game. Work is a troubling condition internationally for all women. Women represent 50 per cent of the world adult population and one-third of the official labour force, but they… Continue reading [career moves]