Video A video excerpt from my walk around Aquitaine Castle in France. A video excerpt from my walk around the virtual construction of Chichen Itza, a Mayan archaeological site on the Yucatán Peninsula in contemporary Mexico. Video excerpt from my walk around Villa Almerico-Capra, also known as ‘La Rotonda’, a 16th century manor house and… Continue reading [borders]


Video [perfect.city] 2 channel videodimensions variable2009 [perfect.city] is an exploration of the South Korean city of Songdo, a planned international metropolis developed by corporations (Gale International, with a technological infrastructure by technology companies). The city is designed to be perfect: plans call for the elimination of social ills, care-free living, and happiness for all citizens—in… Continue reading [perfect.city]


Video [xyz] Three interactive game stations, video projection, game software with soundDimensions variable2009 There is an ancient desire to expand poetry’s expressive potential by integrating visual elements and break free from a purely linear text. Shaped poems in Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and Sanskrit suggest a common human urge to more closely model written… Continue reading [xyz]

[she went back]

Video she went back – video (QuickTime .mov) [she went back] Video, animation1994 [she went back] is an experimental personal documentary about Flanagan’s father’s childhood in the South Bronx, and the way in which family histories, such as her grandmother’s death in the Bronx, are communicated and remembered. The work was shown at the POV festival… Continue reading [she went back]