wood, paint, electronics, Atari games, projector

[giantJoystick] is a large, functioning game controller and serves as an interface to a shift in embodied experience.

[giantJoystick] explores group collaboration in play. A 10 foot tall joystick, modeled after a classic Atari 2600 joystick, is situated in the gallery or in public space in order to produce a childlike scale, to generate discussion and group play.

Players collectively navigate classic ATARI arcade games such as Asteroids and Breakout; due to the scale of the interface, however, players need to collaborate.

This work has been written about extensively including in Janet Murray’s Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice, MIT Press 2011 and in John Sharp’s Works of Game, MIT Press 2015.

[giantJoystick] is currently at ZKM Karlsruhe on a long term loan.
See Video of the exhibition here.  Images of the exhibition are up on this website, and a catalog is available in German

The Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine California

Feedback Exhibition, Laboral Art Center Inaugural Exhibition, Asturias Spain

California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CalIT2) Gallery, Solo Exhibition, University of California San Diego


[giantJoystick] was in part commissioned by HTTP Gallery, London in 2006, and visited the London Games Festival that year. This appearance was covered by Alek Krotoski in The Guardian in July 2006 as well as Make: magazine.

The Catalogue Essay about the work from the first exhibition  is available here.


Articles + Reviews

A new Play-List

31 July 2006
Net Art News by Irene Wu

Video games have recently been the subject of a number of new media art works and exhibitions, but the element of ‘play’ is often overlooked in discourses about games. In the UK, the Game/Play exhibition strives to add to ongoing art-world conversations about ‘the rhetorical constructs game and play.’…

We Make Money Not Art

16 July 2006
Entry posted by Regine

As opposed to traditional board or card games, framed by shared physical space, the communicative exchanges and group experiences occurring in computer games, such as in “(Massive) Multi-User games”, take place in virtual worlds that are (a few exceptions aside) accessed by individual players from the privacy of their home through the use of game controllers, mice, keyboards and joysticks. These interfaces themselves exist on the periphery of perception, as translators that extend users’ hands and movements into dataspace…

Creative Europe

18 July 2006
Entry posted by Gillian White

Game/Play is a national touring exhibition that explores goal-orientated gaming and playful interaction through media arts practice. This collaboration between Q-Arts, Derby and HTTP, London has provided a framework to develop a context for creative exchange between visitors to the exhibition focusing on the rhetorical constructs game and play…

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Resonance – Micro Clear Spot
15 min slot on Tuesday 15 September at 13.45


Haringey Gazette, week 31

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Preview by Robert Clark

Saturday 29 July 2006

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October 2006 issue

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