Paper, models, software, computer
dimensions variable

[arborescence] is an interactive installation using the gradual growth patterns of forests and trees as a metaphorical structure to map time, space and language. Making physical the routine internet actions of searching, tagging and streaming RSS feeds [arborescence] creates a contextual time-scape in which interests grow and change over time.

Participants enter search terms and the software forms virtual trees on a large screen based on these terms. The type of tree or leaf varies by the word or theme entered and participants are encouraged to explore the myriad of shapes and sizes available. Participants can find clouds of associated words and “plant” their word searches to create forests which may or may not have relationships with others in the system. These trees and forests “grow” over time to reflect network changes about their interests.

The [meme.garden] software included in the exhibition was commissioned by Turbulence.org and created collaboratively by Mary Flanagan, Daniel Howe, Chris Egert, Junming Mei & Kay Chang.


Solo Exhibitions

  • Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, School of Fine Arts, Bowling Green, Ohio, 2006