[habituation cage]

[habituation cage]

Performance, locked room
Dimensions variable

[habituation cage] was a 24 hour, site specific performative experiment organized and masterminded by Sara Diamond of Code Zebra and enacted at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam, March 2003.

I was locked in the paraSITE structure for 24 hours with Tom Donaldson, another inventor.

In our time together, we detailed many possible inventions, approaches, formulae, and artworks for exploring issues surrounding technology and intimacy, time and space in games, and other fabulous topics.

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival is an international and interdisciplinary bi-annual festival organized by V2_Organisation in Rotterdam (Netherlands), the Institute for the Unstable Media. DEAF presents an exhibition of interactive installations, WWW-sites, CD-ROMs and live performances, seminars, workshops and an academic symposium. The event brings together a varied group of visitors, artists and critics from home and abroad and attracts a growing and diversifying audience. DEAF has established itself as one of the major European media art events. It is a showcase for recent, in part specially commissioned artwork, as well as a forum for critical debate. The festival creates synergies between different art disciplines and fields like robotics, architecture, bio-technology or economics.


  • Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF 03), Rotterdam, Netherlands, February 27 2003