[ghost city]

[ghost city]

Software, computer, performance
dimensions variable

[ghost city] uses a game-like interface where the participant maneuvers around an aerial map of the district around Bellevue Hospital in New York City. As the participant moves around the map, roving snippets of text, selections from poems written in the neighborhood around Bellevue, slip down streets or pop up at unexpected locations. The participant can creates dynamic collisions from the individual poems, making an entirely new and separate work that continually shifts and changes.

Bellevue, the oldest public hospital in the US, is open to patients of all backgrounds, irrespective of ability to pay, More than 80 percent of Bellevue’s patients come from the city’s medically underserved populations. Long known for its extensive psychiatric facility which are frequently referenced in fiction, movies and television, Bellevue has become synonymous for such facilities.


  • Autostart Electronic Writing Festival, Kelly Writer House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2006