The Sims: Similitudini, Simboli, Simulacri

Cambridge: The MIT Press

ISBN: 9781640084674

About the Book

The Sims is a real meta-game, a polysemic text that transcends the boundaries of electronic ludus. Will Wright’s “real life” simulation is, at the same time, a comic, a photo novel, a video clip. Many users consider it the videogame equivalent of reality TV shows: just as Big Brother spectacularizes the normality of everyday life, similarly, The Sims stages the trivial of existing (and resisting). But how do you explain the success of a seemingly boring game? Matteo Bittanti and Mary Flanagan attempted to solve the fascinating puzzle of The Sims. By adopting analysis methodologies ranging from cultural studies to new media theory, the authors have “dismantled” Wright’s game to reveal its deeper meanings.

The Sims: Similitude, Symbols, and Simulacra is published in Italian


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