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ISBN: 9783946854111

About the Book

Mary Flanagan, artist and game developer, for years habitually noted down ideas for variants of the ancient game that in some places is called hopscotch, in others Himmel und Hölle, Marelle, Avión, ishikeri… it almost appears as if the game was an anthropological constant. This handbook of artist-created hopscotches ties together storytelling with drawing and bodily movement, making it a perfect fit for reflecting the world around us within a given set of rules. Flanagan‘s hopscotches are sometimes light and funny, sometimes poetic requiring an attentive and imaginative player, and sometimes they reflect upon rather unpleasant or even gruesome realities. They are supported by flipbook-style coal drawings that connect, comment and morph through the themes contained in the rules of the games. Mapscotch not only teaches specific variants of a game, but also reimagines what it means to play.

Mapscotch is published in English, German and French