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The Story

ZOMBIEPOX® has reached your town and turned two people into full-blown zombies! ZOMBIEPOX spreads as the zombies wander through town biting people! Help the humans escape the wrath of the flesh-eating zombies by vaccinating them against ZOMBIEPOX. Cure those in the most dire situations and protect the vulnerable who cannot be immunized. We don’t want zombie babies! Win the game if the deadly ZOMBIEPOX can no longer spread. Lose if too many people become full-blown zombies and the town is overrun!


ZOMBIEPOX is an evolution of POX: SAVE THE PEOPLE, which was originally conceived as a game of disease control that came out of a partnership with Mascoma Valley Health Initiative to stop the spread of misinformation concerning the effects of vaccination. Previous research at Tiltfactor has found that players can apply concepts and systems thinking learned through playing POX: SAVE THE PEOPLE to problems outside the game.


  • 2O12 Major Fun Award 2012, Best of the Best