Surrealist Dinner Party

board game
published by Resonym

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The Story

Show your hosting prowess and treat your favorite Surrealist artists and writers to an excellent dinner party! But this might be trickier than you’d imagine. Keep your guests happy by serving the food they desire, managing drama between them, and sending them home at the right time.

On your turn, bring new guests to the party, serve food and drink, or have guests socialize with their neighbors at the table. Each artist also has a unique habit, so pay careful attention to who is sitting next to whom! Of course you want to make all the guests you’ve invited happy, but if you can arrange for your opponents’ guests to start a little drama, that’s okay too!

It is living and ceasing to live that are imaginary solutionsExistence is elsewhere… – André Breton.

Game Play

On your turn, you have the choice of:

  • bringing new guests to the party
  • serving your guests food and drink
  • having your guests socialize with their neighbors at the table



  • 2020 Finalist – Cardboard Edison Award
  • 2021 Tabletop Design Nominee — IndieCade Independent Festival of Games

Where to Buy

You can find my games at your local game store, Amazon, or from my game company, Resonym.