Phantom Ink

board game
published by Resonym

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The Story

Renowned Mediums race to figure out a secret object that their teammate—a Spirit—is trying to communicate. Mediums take turns asking their Spirits questions about the secret object.

But there’s a catch—Spirits work in mysterious ways, and only write the first few letters of each answer on the Spirit Pad. Figure out the answers to the questions, and guess the secret object before the other team to win!

Game Play

Phantom Ink is a 15-minute party game about renowned mediums competing to prove who has the best connection with the World Beyond. To do this, mediums must correctly identify a secret object that the Spirits are trying to communicate to them.

Players form two teams, each with 1 Spirit and up to 3 Mediums, both competing to identify the same Secret Object. During game play, Mediums pass question cards, like “What color is it?” or “If it was a musical instrument, what would it be?” to their Spirit. Spirits know the Secret Object, and answer the questions in order to provide Clues to help their Mediums guess the Secret Object.

There’s a catch: the other team doesn’t see what question you asked, but they do see the answer. Mediums call “Silencio” when they know the Clue their Spirit is writing, to make it hard for the other team to learn anything from the Clue.

If the other team sees the Clue “Y”, that doesn’t help much. But you know the question was “What color is it?” so the Clue must be “Yellow”!



  • 2021 Awarded the Game Makers Guild Seal of Approval

Where to Buy

You can find my games at your local game store, Amazon, or from my game company, Resonym.