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The Story

Mindflock was designed to be a content delivery method for impactful trivia questions in an effort to teach college and university students to recognize and safely intervene in dangerous situations or situations that have the potential to result in a bad outcome. The game was created to be played as an intramural trivia competition on college and university campuses. A subset of the questions in the game are written to target and overcome particular barriers to bystander intervention in sexual and relationship violence and stalking, for example by sharing real-life data about how many current students intend to intervene, thus setting an institution-wide norm of intervention.

Players are encouraged to gather their flock of friends, or roomates in the same room to compete against other teams over the internet in this multiplayer trivia game. Mindflock is an opportunity for friends to work together in a competitive atmosphere: during the game you and your flockmates each see trivia questions on your own phones, but can only see the category. If a player cannot answer the question, they can yell out the category– to their teammates and figure out which of their flockmates is an “expert” in the category, for instance, Pokemon, and send the question to the expert on their team! The game moves fast an only through rapid question swapping and communication will your flock be able to score higher than the competing flocks.


  • 2017 Games for Change Best Overall Pitch