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The Story

Mechanica is an engine building game where you must buy factory improvements and fit them together like puzzle pieces to manufacture the best TIDYBOTS. Ship out as many TIDYBOTS as possible to prepare for (the definitely harmless) OPERATION CLEANUP. Each turn players create basic TIDYBOTS and move them down their assembly lines—through the improvements they’ve snapped into their factories.

How you lay out your factory matters: do you want to get Upgraders to convert your BOTS into the Deluxe model and then use Duplicators to copy them? Do you want to use Downgraders to churn out as many of the Basic model as possible and then use Gift Wrappers to make each one more valuable?

You’ll have to compete with your opponents to buy factory improvements, and after every turn the shop wheel rotates making the improvements cheaper and sometimes “recycling” them, dropping them into the box!

Game Play

In Mechanica, each player is trying to assemble their factory out of various improvements in order to make the most profit from selling three different TIDYBOT models: Basic, Plus, and Deluxe.

On your turn:

  • sell the bots your factory has produced
  • buy improvements from the shop to upgrade your factory
  • make new bots in your factories
  • rotate the shop wheel to decrease the price of any unpurchased improvements

Each, of nine, improvements has a unique function. For example, the Duplicator, duplicates one bot into two of the same type, while the Static Charger produces a basic bot when any bot passes through it! Players can buy larger trucks to hold more bots as well as complete Blueprints to gain large sums of money for their Vaults.

Mechanica is for 1-4 players. When playing with multiple players, everyone plays competitively. When playing solo-player, you compete against Armand-0, Mechanica’s Human Resources Manager.


  • 2019 “Most Innovative” Game, Boston Festival of Indie Games (Boston FIG) – Tabletop 2019

Where to Buy

You can find my games at your local game store, Amazon, or from my game company, Resonym.