The Adventures of Josie True

digital game

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The Story

The Adventures of Josie True is a web-based historical adventure game for girls. The hero of the game is Chinese-American Josie True, a regular girl who becomes involved in intrigue across time and space as she tries to find her inventor-turned-teacher Ms. Trombone. She time travels with one of Ms. Trombone’s inventions, the Intellicat.

During their travels, they meet a host of historical figures including women from history such as Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman pilot.

At each stop in the journey, there are fun, rewarding activities to play in order to find Ms. Trombone, stop the artifact thieves, help
Bessie Coleman at her airshow, and much more!


The game was designed with four goals in mind: to increase the use of technology by girls between the ages of 9 -11, to promote heroes from under-represented groups, to increase math and science skills, and to change misconceptions about math, science, and technology in order to encourage girls to pursue those fields. Evaluation indicated that it accomplished its goals, effectively changing players’ attitudes and increasing their interest in math, science and technology.