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The Story

Tiltfactor is delighted to be able to share some design methods with the public. Developed as part of the Values at Play project, the Grow-A-Game cards are widely in use in both K-12 and University classrooms.

Using Grow-A-Game, groups of people brainstorm novel game ideas which prioritize human values. While no prior game design experience is necessary, both experienced designers and those new to the field will have fun making games.


In response to consumer demand, our team created three distinct sets of the cards, with each version designed specifically to meet the needs of a particular user group.

Apprentice, designed for 10+ beginners, as well as educators to use in classrooms and after school programs, focusing on digital game examples.

Classic, designed for general users or those without much experience with digital games who are interested in exploring values-conscious design.

Expert, designed for advanced students or expert designers. This version is intended to complement more conventional brainstorming methods and without example games to modify.


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