Awkward Moment

board game
published by Resonym

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The Story

Awkward Moment® puts 3-8 players in terrifically awkward social situations! Players gather a hand of Reactions and together face hysterical, embarrassing, or stressful events. How Awkward!  Taking turns as “the Decider,” players use Decider Card to determine the basis for a winning Reaction. Players try to impress the Decider by submitting the best response from their hand of cards!

Awkward Moment is a 20 minute game for middle and high school students (3-8 players ages 12 and up).

Game Play

Awkward Moment features three decks of cards:

  • Moment Cards: Moment Cards pose hypothetical situations to which players respond.
  • Reaction Cards: Reaction Cards provide players with possible responses to the awkward situations presented by Moment Cards
  • Decider Cards: each Decider Card gives the Decider a guideline to use to select the winning reaction

Players each receive five Reaction Cards. The first Decider flips one Moment Card and one Decider Card and reads them to the group. Each player submits a face down Reaction Card in response to the Moment and Decider Card on the table. The Decider shuffles the submitted cards, reads them to the group, and picks a winner by interpreting the Decider Card’s rule. The winner keeps this round’s Moment Card. Each player draws a new Reaction Card and the player to the Decider’s left becomes the next Decider.


Awkward Moment was developed as part of a National Science Foundation-funded project called “Transforming Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) For Women and Girls: Reworking Stereotypes & Bias.” The grant has allowed Tiltfactor, with additional assistance from the National Girls Collaborative Project, to research and create a number of games, with designs informed by psychological theory and research, aimed at reducing gender bias and broadening participation in STEM. Initial data suggests that Awkward Moment strengthens associations between women and STEM and inspires greater assertiveness in confronting social bias.

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  • 2O12 Best Non-Digital Game, Meaningful Play
  • 2019 AutismLive, Top Game Award
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Where to Buy

You can find my games at your local game store, Amazon, or from my game company, Resonym.