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The Story

Your eccentric collection of avant-garde art needs a public show! Build your collection of stunning cubist artwork. On your turn, assemble the best exhibition you can, matching the cards in your hand together by color or number.

The better your exhibition, the more paintings you’ll be able to purchase for your collection, each with a special power—4s are wild, and 3s help you curate your collection! Excellent exhibitions earn awards, and the player with the most awards wins in this fast and fun deck building game!

Game Play

First, you play cards to form your exhibition. Choose a card from your hand and play it. Then play a card that matches the first card’s number or color! Then play a card that matches the second card’s number of color. Play as many cards from your hand as you can!

Now it’s time to buy new cards for your deck! You have $1 to spend for each card you played. Buy any cards you want from the gallery stacks—cards’ numbers are also their costs. With $6, you could buy a 4 and a 2!

Whenever you play a card, you also get to use its special Patron power. Check the patron that shares the card’s number, and do what it says. For example 4s are wilds, and 5s gives you extra money to spend!

Buy cards whose Patron powers work together, and assemble the best exhibitions! Every turn you raise $6 or more, you earn awards, and most awards at the end wins!


Where to Buy

Coming in 2024!