Flanagan is an artist, designer and writer with five scholarly books and fifty articles to her credit; her book Critical Play is standard-issue reading about games and art. She writes essays, poetry, fiction, and journalism for USA TodayHuffington Post, SF Chronicle, and Gamasutra. In 2016, Flanagan was awarded an honorary degree in Design from IIT and received the Vanguard award from Games for Change. She has been a fellow at MacDowell, Bogliasco, and a museum scholar at the Getty Museum. [read bio] Recently she keynoted Board Game Studies, Copenhagen, Games for Change NYC, ISAGA Delft, and IGGI York.

RT @pbsteachers Per @MindShiftKQED: Mainstream accounts of history have largely overlooked the scientific contributions of women & people of color. A @tiltfactor card game that forces players to “think of people that buck stereotypes” could help change that. bit.ly/2EW12WJ #edchat

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"Creating a shared future in a fractured world." That's the theme for this year's World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, where Mary will be presenting her approach to social impact design, learning, and human values as one of the invited cultural leaders. In addition to "Game Changers: Playing Games for Good,"  she will speak on "The Learning Revolution: It's not about Classrooms" as well as "Human By Design" and "Putting Jobs Out of Work." Some of these events will be live streamed!
Eddo Stern and I show together a decade ago.....
Mary will be visiting Design | Media Arts in Los Angeles in February including Eddo Stern's classes and a LASER talk! Stay Tuned!

Mary has just been on National Public Radio twice -- in "Board Games to Fight Bias," journalist Maanvi Singh goes on a playful foray with the game Buffalo and interviews Mary about it! Singh also connects with experts in psychology to better understand how a game could shift one's biases. Listen to  Weekend Edition, National Public Radio in December of 2017;

On a 2018 episode of CODE SWITCH: Race and Identity, Remixed: You, Me, Them: Discrimination in America, she and the game Buffalo are featured in "Fighting Bias With Board Games." Super!

Buffalo: The Name Dropping Game is published by Resonym.com and available at retailers such as Amazon.
The artwork [bombscotch] is opening Oct 12 in a group show, Push Play, at the Vicki Myhren gallery in Denver. Also in this nifty show: Yoko Ono, Ruth Catlow, Cory Arcangel, Ryan Gander. Called 'deeply satirical,' the work critiques US violence.
There's a new article by Matt Hongoltz-Hetling (@hh_matt) on Iowa farming strategies at the Weather Channel featuring some ideas from Mary Flanagan about motivating sustainable farming! Enjoy thinking about motivating sustainable behavior!! (Photo by Zach Boyden-Holmes).
Our game VISITOR in Blackwood Grove game was a Showcase Finalist and won the Audience Choice Award at the Boston Festival of Independent Games. It is also an official selection at IndieCade.
Mary recently published a piece on mindfulness and the history of Solitare in Salon.com.
Mary is featured in the October issue of COSMO Spain in an article about women in games by Paka Díaz. Other designers of note include Nina Freeman, Brenda Romero, Ana Oliveras, Lea Schönfelder, and Anita Sarkeesian. ¡Bravo, mujeres!
Mary Flanagan, an artist, writer and Dartmouth professor, has published a new book of poems! Thanks for a great launch of  The Ghost Reading: Launch of GHOST SENTENCE poetry volume, with friends at the KGB Bar’s Red Room in New York City. Readers at the launch included poets Leah Umansky, Dennis Nurkse, Patricia Carlin, and computational poet Nick Montfort.
GHOST SENTENCE captures the contemporary zeitgeist of passion, power, and politics. The book was released by Atmosphere Press, a new press founded by one of the executive editors of Gold Wake Press, Nick Courtright. Read more about the book here!
Mary will be reading at Babycastles' WordHack December 21st! Founded by Todd Anderson and pretty great.
Mary will be demoing VISITOR in Blackwood Grove, a new game with Max Seidman and Resonym, with her friends at the Kickstarter booth at the massive moshpit that is Spiel 2017!
Mary's keynote "Making Play Matter" at the IGGI Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence conference explored how  values are often unwittingly embedded in games and gameplay – and how designers can embed values deliberately.  photo by @samhughes88!
As the Society for the Humanities Senior Scholar in Residence at Cornell in 2017, Mary led several graduate seminars and gave a plenary lecture as part of the year focused on notions of embodiment and identity. The Pillow Book was also part of the events with the seminar.

Interview, Monsters of the Machine Exhibit, Spain

Entrevista a Mary Flanagan sobre su obra Help me Know the Truth

Mary Flanagan nos habla de su trabajo Help me Know the Truth. Esta obra nos enfrenta a nuestros prejuicios y preferencias planteándonos elegir entre dos imágenes de una persona para responder a preguntas como ¿quién es el líder? o ¿quién es el terrorista? El software está basando en parámetros de neurociencia cognitiva, un área que estudia los mecanismos biológicos que hay detrás del conocimiento y la percepción.

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