creative career pushes the boundaries of medium and genre across writing, visual arts, science, and design. She works in the gallery space, but also invades commercial game design, pop culture, and academia with provocative ideas about authorship, politics, aesthetics and play. She has achieved acclaim for her novel interdisciplinary work that weaves a studio art practice with humanities research, creative writing, and scientific inquiry. She also founded & directs Tiltfactor.  [read more]


  • Systems Thinking 101-Fix one problem, cause another: Mosquito nets that fight malaria are killing off fish

    critical play about 11 hours ago
  • More thinking on open markets and whether they lead to open minds @tylercowen

    critical play about 1 days ago
  • ok I drank the kool-aid(R). It took a while, but I think I'm a futurist. @profuturists

    critical play about 3 days ago
  • I'll be at Toyfair in February! @Tiltfactor is booth 6359. Yay!

    critical play about 3 days ago
  • Cool Mecha Monsters – battling robots that can also teach you how to code

    critical play about 3 days ago

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