[pile of secrets]


video series
Various Game Footage, LCD Monitor

What is a game but a pile of secrets?

Flanagan captured several terabytes of video imagery from computer games published from 1980 – present, answering the question, “What makes a game a game?” Common elements –typically formal elements — across video games are assembled into from Flanagan’s massive database. Thematic videos from the ongoing series include Jump, Ascend, Descent, Key, Treasure, Run, Shoot, and Explode.

The project manifests a structural analysis of games in a creative form, exploring the quintessential elements central to the experience of digital play. The videos are shown in infinite loops alluding not only the repetitive elements but also to the repeat plays that games offer as a typical part of their structure.


[pile of secrets] is currently at ZKM_Gameplay exhibition.
See Video of the exhibition here.  Images of the exhibition are up on this website, and a catalog is available in German (English forthcoming).
Telfair Museum, Savannah
The NextLevel, Kóln
Play Station Exhibition, Postmasters Gallery, New York
STRP Festival, Eindhoven
ArtEZ Studium Generale, PLAY Festival, Zwolle

Thanks to: Sukdith Punjasthitkul, Matthew Cloyd, Mehta Punjasthitkul and Han Lee

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