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2015digital gametiltfactor.org The Story | Game Play | Research The Story Do you have a green thumb? Test your skills as the victor of vines by typing the words shown on the screen, and grow your beanstalk from a tiny tendril to massive cloudscraper in this calming, zen-like typing game. Beanstalk is a quick and… Continue reading Beanstalk


2015digital gametiltfactor.org The Story | Game Play | Research The Story You’re the head coach of the Eugene Melonballers, an up-and-coming team in the International Smorball Federation. Can you coach your team to victory, helping them win the coveted Dalahäst Trophy and bring glory home to Eugene? Smorball is a challenging browser game that asks… Continue reading Smorball


Video [TOPOESIS] Software, computational poems, pen on archival watercolor paper11″ x 15″27.94cm x 38.1cm2019 [TOPOESIS] is a computational poetry work that uses letterforms as material, texture and subject within computationally generated landscapes. The software generates hill and mountain structures with which a poem cycles, gradually replacing the words in the poem with pollutants and other… Continue reading [TOPOESIS]


Mary Flanagan has a research-based practice that investigates and exploits the seams between technology, play, and human experience, exploring how data, computing practices, errors / glitches, and games reflect human psychology and the limitations of knowledge. Flanagan’s approach to games and art-making occupies both onscreen space as well as physical spaces, objects, and actions, moving… Continue reading About


Video [perfect.city] 2 channel videodimensions variable2009 [perfect.city] is an exploration of the South Korean city of Songdo, a planned international metropolis developed by corporations (Gale International, with a technological infrastructure by technology companies). The city is designed to be perfect: plans call for the elimination of social ills, care-free living, and happiness for all citizens—in… Continue reading [perfect.city]


[theHouse] Software, text, digital poetrydimensions variable2006 [theHouse] is a digital poetry piece which takes the form of computer based, spatialized organism world. Through the process of enacting texts within, alongside, and outside of the text of computational code, this autobiographical work is regulated by the computational process of the sin wave. Here, the text is… Continue reading [thehouse]

[habituation cage]

[habituation cage] Performance, locked roomDimensions variable2003 [habituation cage] was a 24 hour, site specific performative experiment organized and masterminded by Sara Diamond of Code Zebra and enacted at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam, March 2003. I was locked in the paraSITE structure for 24 hours with Tom Donaldson, another inventor. In our time… Continue reading [habituation cage]


Video [phage] Software, hard drivesDimensions variable2000 [phage] is an application that scans the user’s hard drive and randomly selects images, snippets of text, sounds and other content to create a continually shifting visual spatialization of the user’s information. Dredging through countless images, sound files, cached web files, and emails, the program creates a living visual… Continue reading [phage]