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The entire book is a free PDF! yay.

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Essays Translated to Spanish Download the e-book!
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Op-Eds & Journalism

 “In defense of Solitaire, the “perfect game”: Mindfulness, video games and the importance of downtime.”, 20 August 2017

“It’s Been a Bad Week for Inclusion in Tech,” Role Reboot  9 August 2017

Mary Flanagan and Mary Hudson, “The Trouble with Whiteboard Interviews,” Concord Monitor 21 December 2015

“Egalitarian Entrepreneurship?” The Huffington Post 24 March 2015

“Creative Solutions to Crises — Through Play.” The Huffington Post. 2014.

“Violent Video Games Reveal the Dark Side of Play. The Huffington Post  2014.

“Don’t Demonize Video Games for Violence.”USA Today 2014.

Republished in:
Chicago Sun Times 25 July 2014,
Wassau Daily Herald 26 July 2014,
My Central Jersey 26 July 2014;

Published as:
– “Video games much more than violent,” Guam Pacific Daily News 26 July 2014;
– “Video-game violence overblown,” The Daily Record California 26 July 2014


“Substance A always reacts to Substance B,” “The One and the Multiple”

“Being Transformed into a Phoenix,” “Enough,” “Parking Lot at Whole Foods,” in Heavy Feather Volume Seven 2017

“They Always Come,”“Death of My Dungeonmaster,” in Barrow Street 2013-2014 Annual Issue

Poems: “And by taking your hand,” “Camouflage,” “The Secret of Nights and Days,” “Desire is Rarely Fulfilled,” “From One End of the Map to the Other,” in Fence 2015

“hoisting the lower saints” in The Pinch 2012

“enthroned on the seat that sees into all worlds” and “the nature of judgment,” in the 2011 annual issue of Barrow Street

“something more remains mysterious,” in MUDFISH 17 2011

“the abstract injunction,” “ministering a stream” and “window” in Saranac Review, Issue 6, Fall 2010.

“the only point of rupture.” Open Windows III: An Anthology of Poetry, Fiction + Essays, ed. Matthew Davis. Denver, CO: Ghost Road Press, 2008.

“ministering a flood (update with god I)” and “ministering a tornado (update with god II),” in Barrow Street December 2007

“a pure subjective commitment is possible,” and “insubstantial stuff of pure being,” The Iowa Review in December 2007

“Simple Prisoners,” in Chronogram March 2007

“for Michel Heizer,” in Chronogram January 2007